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    FEELWORLD TP2 Portable Teleprompter for Smartphone/Tablet/DSLR Camera with Remote Control & Lens Adapter Rings




    Smartphone/Tablet prompting
    DSLR camera recording
    Wide angle lens
    APP, Bluetooth remote control




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    dslr camera teleprompter


    teleprompter advanced function


    Ideal Teleprompter for Video and Program Creator
    Confidence and Charming! No More NG!
    Nowadays, the live broadcast especially the short video is popular. In order to make the live broadcast more professional and efficiency, the teleprompter has become an indispensable auxiliary device. It can help users to express their language smoothly and further shorten the distance between the anchor and the audience. FEELWORLD TP2A is a lightweight and portable teleprompter which developed for video shooter. It can be prompted via smart phone or tablet while DSLR camera is recording, allows you to clearly read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera. Supports wide angle lens, Android/iOS app, bluetooth remote control, the operation is easy and convenient, make the video faster and easier. It is the ideal teleprompter for video, program creator.

    application teleprompter


    TP2 can be prompted via smart phone or tablet while DSLR camera is recording, which is suitable for live broadcast, interview, hosting and other occasions.

    dslr recording teleprompter


    Compact and Portable Design
    The TP2 teleprompter uses environmentally ABS industrial plastic material, which is sturdy and durable. The compact and portable design, easy to carry, suitable for quickly using in various occasions.
    compact portable telepropmter


    Support Wide Angle Lens
    Larger vision without vignetting

    wide lens teleprompter

    without vignetting telepromter


    Smartphone/Tablet Clamp, Easy to Install and Disassemble
    Supports below 8” smartphone/tablet
    The TP2 equips with a smartphone/tablet clamp, you just need to install it which the side suitable for smartphone or tablet on the teleprompter. Then push the “PUSH” lock to left to lock the clamp. When you don’t need it, you can push the “PUSH”lock to right to remove the clamp. It is simple and fast operation.

    smartphone tablet clamp


    Lens Adapter Ring
    The TP2 with standard 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77mm eight lens adapter rings. You can choose one which suit for your camera lens.
    Remark: When installing the adapter ring, you need to remove the UV mirror on the lens, otherwise the adapter ring may be locked together with the UV mirror and cannot be removed.

    lens adpater ring



    Teleprompter APP + Bluetooth Remote Control
    Teleprompter APP for smartphone/tablet with bluetooth remote control, you could easily play & pause, speed up & slow down, change the text and background color, etc.

    bluetooth control

    remote control telepromter


    1/4 Standard Mounting Hole
    At the bottom of the teleprompter with 1/4 standard size mounting hole, which can be connected to tripod, light stand,etc.

    tripod mount point


    Compact and Light Weight, Easy to Portable
    The TP2 is compact in size and weighs only 300 grams, which is easy to put into a attached drawstring bag to protect the teleprompter while also allowing quick transition. In addition, the attached microfiber cloth can keep the teleprompter clean at all times.
    easy storage telepromter




    * Smartphone/tablet prompting, DSLR camera shooting.
    * Support wide angle lens, larger vision without vignetting
    * With 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77mm eight lens adapter rings
    * Support APP, bluetooth remote control


     Model  TP2
     Main Material  ABS
     Tablet/smartphone  clamp support size  Below 8" for smartphone/tablet
     Shooting Focal Length  No less than 35mm
     System Supporting  Android, IOS
     Control Way  APP, Bluetooth remote control
     Unit Size  205x97x171mm
     Unit Weight  300g
     Color Box Size  217L*177W*122H(mm)
     Outer Carton Qty  10
     Outer Carton Size  645*240*395 (mm)
     Gross Weight  11.44kgs


    Dimensions (Unit: mm)
    Standard Accessories:
     Tablet/smartphone clamp
    8× Lens adapter
    1× Remote controller
    1× Drawstring bag
    1× Microfiber cloth
    1× Manual
    Packaging Picture


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